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    We reinvented the rain hat for both and function. Hairbrella is a fashionable rain hat with a satin lining and hidden storage pocket for travel. 





    Tracey Pickett_Hairbrella


    Growing up, Tracey Pickett endured long hours at the hair salon only to be greeted by rain when she walked out the door. This ominous cloud followed her as she matriculated through grade school to the campus of Atlanta's Spelman College.

    She tried everything from plastic shopping bags to shower caps but failed to find a product to protect her hair from the rain. After graduating from law school, she entered Corporate America where image was everything. It was then that she stopped searching for the solution in the marketplace and looked to herself. Through a process of countless prototypes, Tracey created Hairbrella, a hat combining fashion and function to protect various hair styles, lengths, and textures from the elements.

    Tracey introduced Hairbrella through a successful Kickstarter campaign in the fall of 2016 and is steadily growing her company, spreading the gospel of fierce confidence no matter the forecast.




    Tracey's Story and Kickstarter Video: