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    Hairbrella Demo

    Hairbrella Demo

    Our founder, Tracey Pickett gathered the Hairbrella team to put our rain hat reinvented to the ultimate test! Watch the clip below to see how the 100% waterproof microfiber exterior keeps your hair dry, even in a downpour. The PVC visor did it’s fair share of work as well and the satin lined interior gave us a shining finish. Check out the video and copy the link to share it on social media with favorite ladies! 



    A Message from our Founder

    A Message from our Founder

    I created Hairbrella because I saw a need. Every time it rained, I saw women running for cover with fear in their eyes as our male counterparts managed to get by with a folded newspaper and a quick sprint. Umbrellas are perfect protection for your body and rain boots are a lifesaver for your feet but suitable options to shield your hair seemed to be few and far between. The few selections on the market were mostly made of plastic which would do more damage to your hair than the actual rain and just as I reached my wit's end, Hairbrella was born.

    I created this unique blend of fashion and function to prevent other women from experiencing the same frustration I had experienced so often in my life. I hope the manifestation of my brainchild propels you on the journey to bringing your own vision to life. That my satin-lined solution keeps you covered as you conquer your week one day at a time and accompanies you as you make memories on the weekend.

    Thank you for adding Hairbrella to your rainwear wardrobe and trusting us with the investment of time and money that you put into your hair daily. Please let us know how much you love our product via email or by following us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest. Share the gospel of fierce confidence no matter the forecast with your family and friends and use the code below for 20% off your next purchase with us!


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    How Is Rain Damaging Your Hair? And How Are Women’s Hats Helpful?

    Maintaining healthy and frizz free hair can be difficult at times. Especially when your hair gets exposed to the pouring rain, hair can turn into a mess. Rain is rightly known to be the enemy of beautiful looking hair. No matter how beautifully you style your hair, even a few drops can ruin the perfect looking hair.

    Yes, rainfall is harmful to hair but why that happening is the question. Read on to find out, what rain exactly does to your hair and as to how women’s hats can lessen the negative impact?

    Scientific Theory

    Monsoon is a season almost loved by all but when rain falls on the hair and spoils it for worse; the love affair for this beautiful season lessens. Talking on scientific terms, each hair strand is comprised of keratin protein.

    These keratin proteins further form two kinds of bonds, one is a permanent bond and the other is a disulfide bond, a bond which is responsible for maintaining the hair strength and its elasticity. There is, however, a third weaker and a temporary bond that is the hydrogen bond. This third form of bonding occurs when your hair turns dry from wet. These hydrogen bonds get easily broken up by either moisture or heat and reform when hair gets dry.

    It is known that whenever humidity or moisture increases in the atmosphere around, the dry hair soaks up on the humidity and moisture present in the environment, thus lead to modifications in the keratin bonding interactions. Such modifications further lead to folding up of hair strands, which, in turn, leads to frizzier and curly hair. In simple terms, hair strands become weak and fragile due to hydrogen bond breaking as this can change the structural functioning of the hair strands.

    What Can Be Done About It?

    It is recommended to cover up your hair whenever you step out on a rainy day as hydrogen bond breaking is not at all an ideal situation for your beautifully looking hair. One liable solution to the problem can be women’s waterproof rain hats.

    Rain hats are designed for the purpose of protecting women’s hair from the harmful effects of rain. These hats are waterproof and built beautifully so that you never shy away to wear them in public. Such hats are readily available on the online platforms and that too in various designs and colors.
    Not only that there are also available options where these rain hats have a visor embedded in the front, in order to protect your facial skin from the harmful consequences of both the sun and the rain. Such a solution is a reliable and a simple one as it helps you maintain your fashion and along with it offers you effective protection.
    Having busted your doubts about how rain actually ruins your hair, it would be clear by now that protection of hair from rain is important. So why let your hydrogen bonds break, when rain hats & weatherproof caps can be ordered online and that too at affordable prices.

    Hairbrella Loves the Kids!

    Hairbrella Loves the Kids!

    Introducing Hairbrella Kids!


    You would never forget your little one and neither would we. We now offer our same combination of fashion and function in the perfect size for ages 9 and under. The fun grape color with teal trim already matches her raincoat so go ahead and upgrade her rainwear wardrobe the same way you did yours!






    Meet Tracey Pickett. She is a young entrepreneur whose company has created the Hairbrella, an innovative way to protect hair and makeup from getting ruined in inclement weather. Think of a rain hat for your hair, but the company stresses that “this is not your Grandma’s hair bonnet” on its Facebook page.

    Brandon Andrews of Values Partnerships and a Black Enterprise contributor sat down with the Hairbrella CEO.

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