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    1. Why do I need a HAIRBRELLA if I have an umbrella?

    An umbrella can protect your body from rain but your hair can still be damaged by the moisture and humidity. When you add wind to the equation, your hairstyle can be ruined in a matter of seconds! HAIRBRELLA is your umbrella's BFF, keeping your hair dry and your style insulated. Together they keep you ready for whatever the day brings!

    2. What kind of hair does HAIRBRELLA protect?

    HAIRBRELLA protects all types of hair. From straight to curly and every texture in between. It's large enough to fit locks, sew-ins, blow-outs, large curls, etc. HAIRBRELLA was created for all women. The impending fear of braving a day with even a 20% chance of rain is a feeling that every woman has experienced. HAIRBRELLA's mission is to keep EVERY woman polished, protected, and prepared.

    3. Does HAIRBRELLA protect my hair in the snow? 

    HAIRBRELLA can absolutely be used in snowy weather to keep your hair dry and head warm. HAIRBRELLA is uniquely insulated so that it maintains your natural body heat to keep you warm in cold and snowy weather without causing you to sweat. We are currently working on more variations of the Hairbrella that would be designed for different weather and activities, so keep an eye out for updates from us! You can sign up for our newsletter here.

    4. What is the benefit of satin-lining?

    The underside of the lining fabric which touches the hair is a satin finish, which helps prevent your hair from drying out while preserving your style.

    5. Do you offer different sizes?

    Yes. We offer the Classic which fits most adults ages 14+ with short, medium and long hairstyles. We also offer the Classic XL for exceptionally long voluminous hair (i.e., big curls, dread locs, etc.)

    Both styles have an adjustable band in the back designed to accommodate a wide range head sizes.

    6. How do you fold the hat in the pocket?


    7. Does the Hairbrella work in heavy rain?


    8. The Hairbrella has a design patent and is utility patent pending. 


    If you have additional questions, feel free to email us at contactus@hairbrella.com