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    How to Find Stylish Rain Hats for Every Occasion

    Hats are a fashionable accessory popular with both men and women. They are worn as a fashion item, to add a certain style to your look, and protect hairstyles from the weather. No woman likes their hair to get wet or frizzy in the rain. Wearing a stylish rain hat is the perfect way to protect your hair and look fabulous even in a downpour.
    Purpose of The Hat
    A good hat is both stylish and functional. Beanies keep you warm in the winter. Rain hats are designed to keep your head dry and protect your hair in wet weather. Sun hats shade you from the glare of the sun.
    Whilst the purpose of the hat is important and will likely dictate the type of hat you wear. You do not have to forgo fashion trends purely for functionality. There are many different shapes and styles of waterproof women’s hats to choose from. 

    headband hat

    What Style Suits YOU Best
    Wearing a hat can add flair to your outfit and help protect you from the weather. Hats draw attention to your face and can highlight your favorite features. The key is to get the right style and shape for you though. Otherwise, it may highlight features you would prefer not to focus on.
    Face Shape
    There are 6 different, commonly defined face shapes for women. These are defined by the structure and measurements of your face. Bear in mind they are general profiles, and everyone is unique.
    Finding out your individual face shape can be very useful. It will give you an idea of the makeup looks, hairstyles and hat shapes that suit your face. The most flattering styles will balance your features and accentuate your natural beauty.

    1. Oval  
    2. Heart
    3. Round
    4. Square
    5. Oblong
    6. Diamond
    Oval Face Shape
    The forehead is slightly wider than the rounded chin on oval faces. The length of the face is longer than its width. This shape resembles that of an upside-down egg. Due to the flattering proportions, oval face shapes and heart-shaped faces are seen as the most ideal.
    Heart Face Shape
    If your forehead is the widest part of your face and it then narrows towards your chin, you have a heart-shaped face. Some people's hair also forms a widow’s peak, but this is not always the case.
    If you have a heart-shaped face, you are fortunate as you can pull off most any style of hat. Whether you prefer a classic or sporty look, you can have your pick of fashionable trends. Why not try a fedora or baseball cap for a classic style? Or a waterproof cloche hat for the rain.
    Round Face
    Round-shaped faces are widest in the center and slightly narrower at the top and bottom. The sides curve and the chin is rounded. The length from the top of the forehead to the bottom of the chin is approximately the same as the width from ear to ear.
    Square Face
    Square-shaped faces are similar to round faces, but the features are more angular. The sides of the face are straight, and the jawline is angled, with a minimal curve.
    The best hat shape for women with square faces is circular, as the round shape will soften the angles of your face. Soft brim floppy hats, a beret or slouchy beanies are all flattering styles. The rounded profile frames your face, contrasts with and balances the strong angles of your jaw. Letting some hair show around your face also softens the look.
    Oblong Face
    Also known as rectangular, the oblong face shape is longer than it is wide. The forehead, cheeks, and jawline are all the same widths. Oblong faces have a rounded chin and strong jawline.
    To balance the length of your face, hats with a low crown and brim such as cloche or bucket styles, add some width. Try not to wear hats far back on your head as this can lengthen your features. A beret that lies across your forehead also helps reduce the elongated look.
    Diamond Face Shape
    Diamond faces have pointed chins and high cheekbones. The forehead and hairline are narrower than that of heart-shaped faces.
    Women with diamond-shaped faces suit hats worn at the hairline or further back on their head. Beanies or hats with shallow crowns, lengthen the look of your face and balance your cheekbones. Styles with hat bands highlighting the crown or medium size brims are also flattering. These design elements draw attention and widen the look of your forehead. This will help balance out your natural features.
    Your Personal Style
    Fashion is supposed to be fun. Many women enjoy rocking their own take on the designer trends. Hats, in particular, are a fun, fashionable accessory you can use to personalize your look. One of the main things that makes a look work for you, is confidence. Whatever type of hat you choose, if you are confident wearing it that will show. Fierce confidence instantly adds a certain glamour and attractive quality to your look.
    The primary function of a women’s waterproof rain hat is to keep us dry in wet weather. We still want to look good wearing them though. There is no need to forego style just because it is raining. Knowing your own personal style and what you feel comfortable in is important. This will help you find a rain hat you can wear with confidence.
    No matter if your style is classic and elegant, sporty or fashion-forward there are so many hats to choose from. You are sure to find a stylish rain hat, that appeals to your personal tastes.
    With a host of materials available today, modern rain hats can be made in a wide range of colors. These range from classic neutral colors to bright statement colors. Depending on your style you can add a touch of understated class or a pop of bold color to any outfit.
    Neutral colored hats are versatile accessories that will work well with many different outfits. You do not need to worry about neutral colors clashing too much with your wardrobe. Also, if you wear hats that complement your skin tone they can help add a healthy glow to your face.
    Colors like brown, beige and olive green look great on women with warm skin tones. If your skin has cooler colored undertones, neutrals like black, grey, dark blues and sand colors will suit you.
    There is no reason to stick with neutrals though. Spicing up your outfit with a red beret or colorful beanies can add a fun accent to your look. If you are not comfortable wearing a lot of bright colors, you can incorporate it more subtly. Embellishments such as a colorful hat band will add a touch of color that’s not too daring.
    Classic hat designs such as the cloche hat, baseball cap, and bucket hats can all be made using weather-resistant materials. The type of material used plays an important role in the overall look, style, and comfort level of your hat. Some materials are water-resistant and help protect from light rain or humid climates. Others are specifically designed for rainy weather and are totally waterproof.
    Breathability of the material can affect how comfortable the hat is to wear. Plastic rain bonnets are waterproof, packable and convenient. They can be great for keeping hair dry when it’s raining, but the material is not particularly breathable. So, your head can become hot, sweaty and uncomfortable especially in humid climates.
    The Hairbrella rain hat is another compact, lightweight, waterproof hat. Its patented design is proven to keep your hair dry. The Hairbrella design combines fashion and function, to keep your hair dry and style protected. It is made of satin lined, 100% waterproof, DWR treated fabric that wicks away moisture. The fabric is more breathable and offers a totally different style and look to the rain bonnet.
    The material of your hat will influence your look and can affect how casual or formal your style is. For example, the baseball cap is a well-known style used for sports. It is now a popular fashion item and also used in some professional situations. A baseball hat made from leather has a very different look to one made with wool or polyester material. Yet it is based on the same single design.
    To find the best hat for you, it is worth considering the material used and how it will affect your style and comfort level.
    Where Will You Wear the Hat?
    Where you intend to wear the rain hat most is a key factor to consider when choosing a style. Do you want a compact, easily storable hat you can carry in your bag as a precaution in case of inclement weather? Or are you going to be wearing the hat as a fashion piece to complement your look? If this is the case, will a casual or more formal style be most appropriate?
    If you intend to use the hat mostly for outdoor activities or sports, then a more sporty style like the baseball cap or casual beanies would work well. For more formal situations, in town or at work you may feel more comfortable wearing chic classic hats, such as a cloche hat, hairbrella, or beret. These are versatile and will not look out of place paired with more formal wardrobe pieces.
    For women who prefer not to wear a hat throughout the day, but want to be prepared, rain bonnets or lightweight packable hats are great options. These can be easily carried and just worn to protect your hair in the rain. Lightweight, compact hats such as Hairbrella rain hats are also perfect for traveling as they are easy to pack in your bag.
    How Much Do You Want to Spend?
    How much you want to invest when purchasing your hat is a personal decision. Like many products in the fashion industry, hat prices can range from single figure amounts to hundreds of dollars. There are both high street fashion and designer options available.
    Some things to think about when deciding how much you want to spend are:
    Shelf life
    When it comes to quality and durability the phrase “You get what you pay for” is usually valid. If your budget can stretch it is often worthwhile spending a little more to get a better-quality product.
    Quality will influence the type of materials used, the craftsmanship, look, comfort, and wearability of the hat. High-quality materials, attention to detail and great craftsmanship produce better quality products. Better quality hats are more durable, hold up better with use, and offer greater protection from the weather.
    In this instance, shelf life refers to fashion trends and your personal sense of style. Traditional, classic hat styles are timeless. They are continually used and revamped in the fashion industry. Thus, are unlikely to go out of style. Investing in a high quality, timeless rain hat that you love has several benefits. It will not only help protect your hair but also be a stylish accessory that will continue to be a valuable wardrobe piece for years to come.
    If you wish to wear the hat season after season, it is worth investing more, in order to get the best quality you can. The higher the quality of the hat the longer it will stay looking great.

    Some women like to keep up with fashion trends and always have the latest style or color, this can be fun. It will likely influence the amount you can invest though. Popular opinion changes quickly and particular colors or trends will go out of style just as quick. Quality should be considered, but durability is less of an issue if you are only going to wear the hat for a short period of time and replace it frequently.
    Where to Buy Your Hat
    Today there are lots of ways you can purchase a hat either in person or by shopping online. Hats are available in many stores on the high street including clothing retailers, designer shops, and even Walmart. The benefits of buying a hat in person are that you can try it on in the shop, to see how it looks.

    Choosing your perfect hat should be a fun experience. However, the range of styles to choose from can be overwhelming. There is no need to struggle through. Identifying a few key things such as your personal style preferences, face shape, and how much you can spend will make the whole process easier.
    Consider trying out a few different styles to see which ones you feel more comfortable in. Once you have an idea of the hat you want, you can either buy it in a shop or look for options online.
    So whether you want to make a fashion statement, add flair to your look, or simply keep your hair dry there is a hat to suit everyone. Whatever look you prefer you are sure to find a stylish and waterproof rain hat, or a combination of hats, that works for every occasion.

    Why Women’s Rain Hats should be in your Next Wardrobe Collection?

    Monsoon is here, are you prepared for it? We all love to gaze the nature in this beautiful weather. Rain can be a good reason to enjoy nicely brewed coffee but has effects on hair and skin too. So how can you protect yourself from it? Well, women’s rain hats are the answer to this question.

    Explore the following to find out why you should add the women’s rain hat in your wardrobe right now.

    Rain bonnet

    Say Goodbye to Skin and Hair Issues

    The highly developed areas with increased pollution can result in the harmful contents to combine with rain droplets. All these droplets are extremely dangerous for the skin and hair. Pimples and dark spots are the general symptoms of the presence of unsafe bacteria or germs in the rain. Moreover, the hair could become fizzy and dull. In order to avoid this situation, rain hats can be your savior. The water-resistant material is the reason why even a single drop cannot reach your hair. So say goodbye to skin and hair problems in the rainy season.

    Goes with Every Outfit

    The major concern every woman has before buying the rain hat is – “will it go with every dress?” You can find a variety of rain hats on the market. Some may have designed such as floral or many others. Depending on your choice pick one and stay protected from the rain. Moreover, the plain colors are ideas for matching it with any type of outfit. Whether you are going to the nearby mall just hanging out with your friends, the protective rain bonnet has your back. Black, gray, or white, pick any of your favorite colors and enjoy the rain. This is how you slay & protect altogether.

    Less Hair Damage

    As we already know that rain damages hair, the waterproof rain hats can make it smooth and shiny. The presence of harmful constituents in the rain takes away the glossy texture of hair and result to split ends and dandruff. The moisture remains locked inside the hat and hair doesn’t dry out. Besides, the hair falls less and become stronger. The hats are easy to wash; therefore, reduces the chances of bacteria too. You can wear the hat for hours, as it doesn’t have any type of side effects. However, those who are suffering from a migraine are especially preferred to consult their doctor first before buying the rain hat.

    Women's rain hats

    Freedom to go Everywhere

    There have been many events when you have to cancel your plans because of the rain. An ideal rain at is super portable as you can fold and pack it anywhere. Whether you are going to hike or party, these effectual rain hats won’t let you down. So be free with these water-shielding hats.

    Wrapping Up

    This is what you can expect from the high-quality women’s rain hats. What are you waiting for? Go online, get your hands over the best rain hats, and enjoy the monsoon to the fullest.

    How to Hike on a Rainy Day with Women’s Rain Hats?

    Rain hats are the latest sensation in the fashion world right now. This amazing hat protects your hair from rain magically. Now, you don’t have to wait for the rain to stop. Put the hat on and you are good to go.
    Hiking in rain is what we all love. Being a girl you have to protect your hair from rain as it can take its moisture away. The best women's rain hats are here to boost your enthusiasm with the complete protection from the rain.

    Women’s hats
    There are various ways to use the rain hats during hiking, some of which are as follows:

    • Make space for it 

    If it’s cloudy outside but raining yet, make a space for the hat in your bag. Don’t force the hat to fit inside the backpack. You can use a poly-bag to carry the hat. Just fold it carefully and put it in the suitable place. The high-quality women’s hats are made of an excellent material that won’t get affected if you would fold it. But it’s better to take precautions now than to regret later. So make sure that you make enough space for the hat inside your bag so that you can wear it throughout the hiking.


    • Wear it when required 

    You don’t have to wear the hat all day long just because it seems to be raining. Wearing the rain hat during sun for a long time can have its consequences. You won’t want to ruin your hair completely. Moreover, the sweat can humidify your scalp and hair. This is no less than a disaster. For that reason wearing the rain hat only when required is the best thing to do to make your hair stronger for a longer time. So be careful when you wear it. 

    women's waterproof rain hats

    • Say Goodbye to the umbrella 

    Hiking involves many physical activities. You might have to climb a tree, cross a river, jump, run, and much more. You can’t just hold the umbrella all the time. You won’t be able to enjoy hiking and holding umbrella all the time could be a bit annoying as well. Wearing rain hat allows you to do whatever you want. You can do all the activities freely. Moreover, you can do even difficult tasks like climbing over a mountain easily. Also, You can use both your hands during your hiking. So say goodbye to the umbrella and get eh most out of your hiking routine with these remarkable rain hats.

    • Protect everything precious 
    You cannot just protect your hair on a rainy day, but utilize the rain hat in various ways. For say, rain can damage your mini camera or cell phone. Putting this valuable stuff inside the hat can resist the water. This way you can use it in an emergency as well. There could be numerous other ways to use rain hat. All you have to do is find the one.
    This is the right way to get the most out of the rain hat. So wear the high-quality product and protect hair from the rain.
    This way your hair will remain stronger for years.

    Hairbrella Demo

    Hairbrella Demo

    Our founder, Tracey Pickett gathered the Hairbrella team to put our rain hat reinvented to the ultimate test! Watch the clip below to see how the 100% waterproof microfiber exterior keeps your hair dry, even in a downpour. The PVC visor did it’s fair share of work as well and the satin lined interior gave us a shining finish. Check out the video and copy the link to share it on social media with favorite ladies! 



    A Message from our Founder

    A Message from our Founder

    I created Hairbrella because I saw a need. Every time it rained, I saw women running for cover with fear in their eyes as our male counterparts managed to get by with a folded newspaper and a quick sprint. Umbrellas are perfect protection for your body and rain boots are a lifesaver for your feet but suitable options to shield your hair seemed to be few and far between. The few selections on the market were mostly made of plastic which would do more damage to your hair than the actual rain and just as I reached my wit's end, Hairbrella was born.

    I created this unique blend of fashion and function to prevent other women from experiencing the same frustration I had experienced so often in my life. I hope the manifestation of my brainchild propels you on the journey to bringing your own vision to life. That my satin-lined solution keeps you covered as you conquer your week one day at a time and accompanies you as you make memories on the weekend.

    Thank you for adding Hairbrella to your rainwear wardrobe and trusting us with the investment of time and money that you put into your hair daily. Please let us know how much you love our product via email or by following us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest. Share the gospel of fierce confidence no matter the forecast with your family and friends and use the code below for 20% off your next purchase with us!


    Shop with promo code Tracey20*


    *excludes sale items